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Blogtember Day 4: September 6th


A story about a time you were very afraid…


Although I’m sure there are many, many times when I’ve felt very afraid, one time in particular from my childhood pops nto my mind right away.


1.  When I was about eight or nine years old, I was running around my best friend’s neighborhood with her and a neighborhood friend.  The friend (a little boy) was a bit more mischievous than I, however he somehow convinced us that it would be funny to throw small pebbles/rocks from a distance at a parked truck a few houses away.  He said those neighbors were away on vacation and for whatever reason, this sounded like a great time.  The funny thing is, I was naturally a shy, introverted child who never did things like that, especially destructive things, but I went along with it this time anyway.  After tossing the rocks for a few minutes and laughing about them bouncing off the truck, a sedan came barreling around the corner of the neighborhood and screeched up beside the three of us.  I took off running across lawns in the opposite direction, leaving my super cool mini backpack behind, and so did the friend, but my best friend tried to hide behind a bush.  This middle aged man jumped out of the car yelling at us about throwing rocks (mind you, I don’t know who the man was and don’t believe he lived there), and tried to grab my friend.  She finally got away, and he loaded up our bags in his car and took off.  We burst into her parents house and told them what was happening, and eventually her parents came outside with us and found the man in the car and explained the situation.  My memory fails me as to why he did what he did, but either way I remember being completely frightened, felt horrible for giving in to pressure to throw the rocks, and also completely weirded out that he reached for my eight year old girl friend.  That memory sticks with me after all these years as being so scary!


Moral of the story:  Creepers are everywhere…and respect other people’s property.  Lesson learned!


Blogtember: Day 3, September 5th


Good Morning my friends! 

Today’s Blogtember prompt:  Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

I’m not 100% sure where I heard this piece of advice, but something that I think is very true is:

You cannot love others before you truly love yourself. 

This is not always something that is easy to do.  In fact, I think it can be extremely difficult and deceiving at times.  You may be able to convince yourself that you love another person (be it in a relationship or with a family member or friend), but in reality, this is not the case.  You may be feeling infatuation, or even something you think is love.  Until you can look at your inner self each and every day and be happy with the overall soul that you are, I don’t feel you can begin to share love with anyone else.

I’ve been given a lot of useful advice in my years of life, many pieces which are valuable to me.  This is just one of the many that stays at my core.



Blogtember: Day 2


It’s that time again!  What time?  Blogtember time!

Wednesday, September 4: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?


Three months off!?  That doesn’t seem nearly long enough to do all the things I would love to pack into my days.  Alas, this is fictional, so I will play along with the three month time frame.  If I had three months off from my current life, I would spend two weeks traveling to one or two amazing vacation spots.  I like to think Hawaii, and obviously use my private jet to get there, hopefully shortening the plane ride just a tad.  Hey, we’re dreaming here, right?  Two weeks of a vacation is enough for me, if I only have another two and a half months to be free from all responsibilities! 

I would spend some time (and money) setting up my own educational consulting business, which is a lifelong dream.  If I could give this venture my undivided attention for a month, I bet I would have it up and running in no time, and head back into regular life to gain clients and keep it afloat.

The other month and a half I would use to spend real quality time with friends (from anywhere in the country, so travel time would be included), family, and maybe even some volunteer ventures.  I would love to spend some time really diving into The Word and some more Christian Devotionals, and attend church much more regularly.  The beach, the mountains, tasty restaurants, at least ten great books, and just taking plenty of time to stop and smell the roses and breath in some fresh, clean air, without rushing to my car, to this building, or that appointment.  To really stop and enjoy life before it’s gone.  Time and life are oh-so precious my friends. 


What about you?