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Blogtember: Day 3, September 5th


Good Morning my friends! 

Today’s Blogtember prompt:  Pass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered.

I’m not 100% sure where I heard this piece of advice, but something that I think is very true is:

You cannot love others before you truly love yourself. 

This is not always something that is easy to do.  In fact, I think it can be extremely difficult and deceiving at times.  You may be able to convince yourself that you love another person (be it in a relationship or with a family member or friend), but in reality, this is not the case.  You may be feeling infatuation, or even something you think is love.  Until you can look at your inner self each and every day and be happy with the overall soul that you are, I don’t feel you can begin to share love with anyone else.

I’ve been given a lot of useful advice in my years of life, many pieces which are valuable to me.  This is just one of the many that stays at my core.