Blogtember: Day 2


It’s that time again!  What time?  Blogtember time!

Wednesday, September 4: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do?


Three months off!?  That doesn’t seem nearly long enough to do all the things I would love to pack into my days.  Alas, this is fictional, so I will play along with the three month time frame.  If I had three months off from my current life, I would spend two weeks traveling to one or two amazing vacation spots.  I like to think Hawaii, and obviously use my private jet to get there, hopefully shortening the plane ride just a tad.  Hey, we’re dreaming here, right?  Two weeks of a vacation is enough for me, if I only have another two and a half months to be free from all responsibilities! 

I would spend some time (and money) setting up my own educational consulting business, which is a lifelong dream.  If I could give this venture my undivided attention for a month, I bet I would have it up and running in no time, and head back into regular life to gain clients and keep it afloat.

The other month and a half I would use to spend real quality time with friends (from anywhere in the country, so travel time would be included), family, and maybe even some volunteer ventures.  I would love to spend some time really diving into The Word and some more Christian Devotionals, and attend church much more regularly.  The beach, the mountains, tasty restaurants, at least ten great books, and just taking plenty of time to stop and smell the roses and breath in some fresh, clean air, without rushing to my car, to this building, or that appointment.  To really stop and enjoy life before it’s gone.  Time and life are oh-so precious my friends. 


What about you?


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