Why I love September


Fall has always been my favorite season, and this year is no exception!  Although I am sad to part ways with summer (sundresses, drippy iced teas, drive in movies…the list goes on!), I am more than ready for a little fall lovin’.  The fall has always marked the start of a new season of life for me.  Thirteen years of grade school, four years of college, and two years of graduate school will do that to ya!  Although I’ve been out of the school routine for quite awhile now, I still anticipate the the fall season.  Who says that fall can’t mark the beginning of a new season of your life?  This latter season of the year marks many fun and exciting events for me and my family, and I can honestly say, I’m embracing them in full force!

The Loves

  • Pumpkin everything (typical)
  • Boots
  • Skinny jeans and cozy sweaters
  • Fall scarves
  • Leggings (!!)
  • Halloween and all that it brings (haunted hayrides, haunted houses, trick or treaters!)
  • Seeing your breath in the frosty morning air
  • Cool mornings
  • Corn mazes

The Events

  • My 1st wedding anniversary!
  • My mother’s wedding (tender!)
  • My step sister’s baby shower
  • That baby being born
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas….maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here

The No Thanks

  • Snow…yup, definitely ahead of myself

So, as you can see, my loves and events are many, and my dislikes are few.  Not gonna lie…I am NOT going to miss the snow when we eventually bid adieu to New York.  Winters in the Northeast are not a joke my friends.


What are you looking forward to this fall?  Anything you wish would stay away?


Let's hear your thoughts!

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