Blogtember: Day 1


I guess there’s really no excuse for my lack of posting for over a year, and no way to explain why I feel it’s time to jump back into it!  Maybe I felt that I had nothing to write about?  Perhaps I lacked blog topics?  Either way, here I am, and although I haven’t been writing, I’ve certainly been reading, and Jenni’s Blogtember Challenge inspired me to get writing!  So here I am; it feels good to be back!

Blogtember Challenge Day One:  Describe where or what you come from

I come from two people (don’t we all? Heh.), my mom and my dad.  My mom had me at the tender age of 19almost20 and my dad was 28.  I was an “unexpected surprise” to my parents, and sometimes I feel sad about forcing them to grow up so fast.  I’ve always been a mama’s girl, and to this day we are still extremely close.  My dad and I have become closer more recently, and it’s refreshing to actually enjoy spending time with both of your parents.

I come from a place of love, anger, sadness, envy, you name it.  My childhood was not exactly smooth sailing, but it was mine. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without the strong, loving influence of those around me.  I don’t have much more to say other than that.  I love who and what I came from, and wouldn’t change a thing. 


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