2 on Tuesday!


Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

The lovely author of a new blog (to me!) that I’ve been reading does a little thing called 2 on Tuesday, which I think is a fabulous and fun idea!



This week is all about pet peeves, so here we go…

1.  One of my major pet peeves is when there are two lanes of traffic, one being a regular straight on lane, the other being a right turn only.  The straight on lane goes directly onto a bridge (which everyone wants to cross during rush hour), whereas the right turn lane is much less used.  My FAVORITE thing is when drivers think they are too good to wait in the loooong line of traffic in the lane getting onto the bridge, so they zoom past you in the right lane and as all the rest of us poor souls are waiting our turn, they flip on their left hand signal to scoot into the lane boarding the bridge, therefore passing a buttload of cars in the process.  Their own personal way of giving us all the finger and being just too impatient to wait their turn.  This bugs me to no end.  Who are you to get to cut the line!? Grrr.

2.  People that talk and carry on in the movie theater (mostly teenagers).  It pisses me off.  Just be quiet!

Whew, now that that’s off my chest! 😉

Have a good rest of your day!


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