Just a little something


Hi readers!  I used to LOVE Myspace surveys back in the day (and even some Facebook ones!) and this definitely reminded me of those days.  So for nostalgia’s sake…

Guilty Pleasure? Food blogs duhhh! 😉 Also lots of reality-but-not-nasty TV (think: Toddlers and Tiaras, I Used to be Fat, True Life, Chelsea Settles, Jersey Shore (okay, this last one is debatable))

I can’t travel without? A sweater/jacket, my cell phone (fully charged), Burt’s Bees lip balm, keys, ID and a credit/debit card

Recent Splurge? Some fall clothing from Old Navy (boots, sweaters, jeans etc.) but nothing crazy…this gal’s broke!

My go-to flower? Gerbera daisies!  I want them in my wedding bouquet!

In bulk, I buy? Protein bars (Luna, Luna Protein, Clif, Balance bars), toilet paper & paper towels, Brita water filter refills!

I sleep on?  A hand-me-down queen sized bed from my mama…I hope an upgrade comes sooner rather than later, but I’m just thankful to have a bed!

Comfort Food? Macaroni and cheese (Kraft or Annie’s), ICE CREAM (!!), a nice big bowl of penne a la vodka

For Breakfast? Usually either a combination of Chobani/fruit or Chobani/and some sort of carb or toast/waffles with nut butter and maybe an egg thrown in there

For Dinner? Pasta with chicken sausage or with veggies, soup and egg sandwich, frozen dishes (Trader Joes FTW!) etc.

Love/hate relationship with? Online shopping…so risky yet so worth it!

Can’t Stop Watching? 19 Kids and Counting, Chelsea Settles, Jersey Shore, Modern Family, Revenge, Say Yes to the Dress (!), Sister Wives, Bridezillas, Breaking Bad (go watch it now!)

Best online shopping find? My Old Navy boots were such a steal at $27 (plus free shipping!) due to sales and a coupon! 🙂

Dreaming about? My wedding, my honeymoon, my future!

Crushing on? My fiance!

Every girl should have? A few outfits that make you just feel good (a great fitting pair of jeans, cute heels, flowy tops)

My style in five words? Cute. Comfy. Cozy. Love. FallColors (cheat!).

I love wearing? Leggings and tall boots, cute and comfy jeans with a T-shirt and sneaks!

Dream Job? The million dollar question!  Right now to be an academic advisor for a college


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