How to love


…the only song by Lil Wayne that I actually find bearable 😉

I read an interesting blog post this morning by one of my new (to me ) favorite bloggers, The Lunchbox Diaries.

Her post, entitled “Love Languages” really got me thinking.  As a newlywed who is a similar age to me, and studies in the same field, this blog post certainly peeked my interest.  Next fall I will be getting married, and I think that trying to identify your own love language, as well as talking to your partner about their own is crucial to having a successful marriage.

I encourage you all to head on over to Colleen’s post about this, but in the meantime, think with me.  Which of the five love languages listed do you consider to be yours?  I think I’m a pretty even mix of Quality Time and Acts of Service.  It’s hard to explain how much it means with my fiance (who is NOT a household chores kind of person) voluntarily washes a few dishes, or picks his socks up off the floor.  And for me, quality time goes without explanation.  I just love it.  Quality time makes me feel so much closer to him, and therefore, strengthens our bond as a couple.

I also agree with Colleen’s statement that relationships (and love) take work.  Many aspects of a relationship are not easy, and do take hard work and understanding between two people.  For instance, I’m pretty sure my fiance is more of a physical touch kind of person, and I have to make sure that I recognize his needs for that type of love, as well as respecting my own as well.  That can be a hard balance for some couples, especially if they haven’t taken the time to recognize one another’s language.  This is something that I really feel I will sit down with my fiance and discuss.  I feel that as an engaged couple, and eventually newlyweds, this can be a conversation and an understanding that could benefit our relationship immensely.


What do you all think about the concept of Languages of Love?

Happy Friday 🙂


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  1. What a neat idea! I will have to read that link about the languages of love!! i think as women, we are often more chatty, communicative, and read up on the little things (over analyzing!). My boy is def. a man of few words though………. he shows things a lot more often than speaking them!

    love you and happy Wednesday! 😀

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